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X5 Spacesaver X-Ray Inspection


Finish: Brushed 304 Stainless Steel
System Length: 1000mm (Machine Only) 2356mm (With optional auto-reject)
Line Height Options: 700-1000mm (+/- 50 adjustment)
Product Height: 180mm (Recommended Max)
Product Width: 300 Model = 146mm, 500 Model = 250mm (Recommended Max)
Product Length: 750mm (Recommended Max)
X-Ray Output: 150W (60 KV 2.5mA)
IP Rating: IP66
Belt Width: 300mm & 500mm
Belt Type: PU Blue Belt
Weight on Belt: Up to 6kg
Speed Range: 20 – 75m/min
Power Requirmements: 220-230 V, 50Hz or 110-120V, 60Hz, Single Phase Mains
Operating Environment (Vortex Standard): 2 to 10°C with warm up, 10 – 25°C Vortex.
Operating Environment  AC Air Conditioning (Option): 25 to 35°C Air Conditioning (Cabinet reduced to NEMA 4X with AC Option)
Cooling: Vortex or AC Air Conditioning
X-Ray Safety: Leakeage less than 1 µSv/h
Detection Algorithms: 15 Multilayers Algorithms combined in any combinations
Reporting: Event, Batch,Shift and PVS
Data Retrieval: Via USB, Ethernet, Enet



The X5 SpaceSaver is the perfect solution for the inspection of the following product types:

– Ready meals in foil or plastic trays
– Processed and un-processed meats incl. sausages, joints, ham with/without bone, etc
– Cakes, sweets/candy and other snack foods such as crisps/chips, chocolate bars, biscuits
– Sushi, fish, tinned fish, seafood on foil boards
– Prepared fruit and vegetables
– Ready to eat convenience foods

X5 Spacesaver Datasheet


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