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X5 Bulk Flow for Loose Food Inspection


Material of Construction: 304 Brushed stainless steel
System Length: 2500 mm
Line Height Option: 900 mm (±50 adjustment)
Product Height: 40 mm (recommended max)
Product Width: Belt width dependent
X-Ray Output: 150 W (60kV 2.5 mA)
IP Rating: IP55
Belt Width: 300,500,600 mm
Belt Type: PU Anti-static
Speed Range: Up to 60 m/min
Supply Voltages: 85 to 265 V, single phase 50/60Hz, neutral & Earth
Operating Environment: 10 to 25°C with Vortex Cooler, 25-35°C with AC
Cooling: Vortex or AC Air Conditioner
X-Ray Safety: Leakage less than 1 μSv/h
Reporting: Event, Batch, Shift
Data Retrieval: Via USB, Ethernet

Additional Features

  • Check product integrity including counting and missing items


Bulkflow X-Ray Inspection System

Designed to be integrated into line with optional reject stations, the Bulkflow X-ray System is perfect for loose and free flowing products. Offering a good detection levels on a wide range of contaminants including all metal, bone, glass and dense plastics.

Easy to Use Intuitive Full Color Touchscreen
The Bulkflow X-ray includes an Icon driven full color touchscreen control interface including multi-level password access and data logged events for tractability.

Data Logged Events and Images for Full Traceability
Data stamped reject images designed to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements are internally stored and can be removed via USB or Ethernet.

X5 Bulkflow Datasheet


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