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Alliance Technology Company Limited is a leading company. distributor representative, metal detector X-ray inspection, and checkweigher in the food and pharmaceutical industries Ready to have excellent after-sales service.

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We have a professional sales team and a team with knowledge, n the food and pharmaceutica industries Ready to have excellent after-sales service.

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The service team Service has the knowledge and expertise to quickly solve problems  and provide advice on how to solve them accurately and effectively.


We provide training, knowledge, efficiency, and proper maintenance, including the introduction of standard systems in the food and pharmaceutical industries such as HACCP, BRC, and IFS.

Our Products


Metal detectors in the food and pharmaceutical industries With high efficiency, it is able to detect small metals that are immediately adulterated with the product in the production process, and it confirms the quality of the product according to international standards such as HACCP, BRC, and IFS. It also helps reduce costs in the production process, which each metal detector model has been designed to support with the various production processes of the food and pharmaceutical industries appropriately.


X-ray inspection in the food and pharmaceutical industries can be used to detect contaminants that have a high density, such as scraps of metal, glass, ceramics, hard bones, and hard plastics in products that are packaged with aluminum foil or metalized films. For products with temperature changes that are very refreshing This will not affect the efficiency of detecting contaminants with X-ray inspection and will also help speed up the production process. To confirm product quality to meet international food production standards.


A checkweigher has been designed to control the weight of packaging in the production line immediately. To confirm the weight of every product Meets international standards Create confidence in product quality. It also helps reduce production costs.


The combination system was designed and developed to use metal detectors or X-ray inspections together with a checkweigher, making it possible to check for contaminants. and check product weight at the same time. By helping to reduce production costs. and helps save installation space. Ready to support international standard systems such as BRC, HACCP, and IFS.



Equipment is required in the production line for the food and pharmaceutical industries, such as pens, plasters, cable ties, test pieces, and other equipment. These devices have specially detectable components. Metal detectors and X-ray inspections reduce the risk of counterfeiting the equipment for the product and give confidence to the manufacturer. They are also designed to support international standards in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.