X5 Pack X-Ray Inspection

X-ray inspection in the food industry, model X5 Pack mm (0.8 mm and 1.6 mm) to increase the efficiency of detecting contaminants such as metal fragments, glass, ceramics, bones, and hard plastics to the smallest size. and can inspect packaged products as well as aluminum foil or metalized films efficiently. Has a color touch screen displaying icons for easy understanding. And it's easy to use. It comes with your Windows 10 PC and an access code to protect your security. Can support data storage via USB Post

Suitable for the industry

Meat, Poultry & Fish

Convenience Food | Food-to-Go


Confectionery & Snack Foods

Other / General Industries

 Product highlights

X5 Pack X-Ray Inspection

  • Structure made from 304 stainless steel is strong and durable.
  • PC Windows 10 Color touch screen, easy-to-understand icons, easy to use, not complicated.
  • to use It comes with an automatic rejection system ready to use.
  • There are belt widths of 300 500 and 600 millimeters, suitable for products with a height not exceeding 180 mm
  • It has ATT (Adaptive detector technology) technology that can adjust the resolution 3 levels 0.4mm. 0.8 mm and 1.6 mm.) to increase the efficiency of detecting smallcontaminants.
  • There are 4 levels of access codes: Operators, Supervisors, Quality and Engineering  to prevent mistakes in use.
  • Can support data storage via USB Post .
  • Waterproof and dustproof up to IP66
  • There is a PVS program that notifies you to test the machine's performance at a predetermined time.

X5 Pack X-Ray Inspection December 16, 2021